About us!

Travelling to a new city with hopes in heart and dreams in eyes! But wait, have you ever or never thought about your living in a strange city with no place to live, even if you have one, can it fulfil the comfort and safety of your home?

Such questions can demotivate us from flying and becoming independent for our dreams be it for our career or for education. We all have to move to some new place to find better opportunities, but the idea of living alone and far from your family can disturb your mind the most!

Don’t let your worries for a safe and fulfilled accommodation make you left behind in the tough competition of the real world; just keep scrolling our page!


Get the feeling of love and care in a secure environment!


We, GooodStay are here to end the existence of such significant though stressing worries about your living. As we are providing the finest accommodation arrangements managed by the latest innovations in technology for the budding youth that lives in energy and vigour!

Safe, well-furnished with modern décor, serviced with top amenities like Wi-Fi, Telephone, Air Conditioning, Flavorsome meals, and what not!

Share a comfortable stay with your friends or just live alone, we have all the options in our single, double, triple, four people sharing rooms. Our accommodation is based in the different core centres of the city near to all the main locations.

We have designed the finest furnishing for your stay wherever you want, or maybe whichever location suits your office or education centre the best! We are a huge name in the comfortable living, and you can find us anywhere in the big city!

Just give us a call and in a couple of hours, you will find your bed all set to rest and freshen up!


Our bucket list!


We have the best Urban accommodation solutions, better say, a replica for home in a new place for both the students and professionals:


DR's (Dedicated Room)

You will get all the facilities dedicated just for you! Which means, if you follow an individual approach in life and are not a fan of sharing rooms with some a nother person, we have a DR option available to fulfil your preference.


CLA (Corporate Leased Accommodation)

A progressive approach to the corporate professional’s comfort! We are diversifying our business and making it reach to the corners of our mother nation. The corporations across India are uniting with us and appreciating our affordable, convenient, and lavish accommodation for their employees anywhere and at any time including easy relocating.


Unlike others in the market, we have our own property built, designed, furnished, and managed; we strive our best to make it a home for our esteemed guests all over India!


Go anywhere in India, and you will find us supporting your comfortable living. We are making urban accommodation safe to live in and easy to find!



Finding a comfortable and secure place to live in a big city can be tough. Simply choose us for a “GOOOD aka economical, comfortable and well-facilitated STAY”.


Nearest to your office or institution!

We have our own 57+ properties in Gurgaon based in all the main areas of the place which makes us the best option, also the nearest to your Office or University. Work/study and rest with ease without spending much on just travelling to and fro each day. For you can always save some money for partying with your friends!

Packed with complete facilities for a comfortable and stress-free living!

You will hate the hotels or hostels no matter how lavish they are after living in our fully packed, facilitated, and well-furnished modern rooms. Yes, we love boasting about our offered accommodation and we take pride in making our guests’ feel cared, secured and loved!

Feel safe and homey!

Enjoy comfortable living with complete assurance of safety! We are maintaining a strong security system using advanced technology for ensuring the stress-free living of our clients, hence making them sleep freely like they do in their home!

Affordable and the best option in town!

Premium accommodation, sophisticated furniture, wide stay options, well-in-routine housekeeping, hassle-free utilities, clean and hygienic surroundings. To cheer your senses, expect flavorsome warm meals each day coming straight away to your door from our experienced chef’s kitchen! Choose us, and we promise you won’t suffer from the tight budget!

Don’t make your dreams wait too long to become real. Invest your money, time and energy in doing what you love, not in paying excessive rentals!



Why us?

The valid question should be, “Why not us”?

Our pampering includes:


The best and uninterrupted internet speed is promised with no time limitations.


Stay chill in your cosy rooms no matter how much hot it gets outside! Get rooms well-equipped with top in brand Air Conditioning.

Water Heater

Winter or no winter, use our water heaters, that comes facilitated in each room’s washroom to experience warmth and relaxation of your nerves.

Elegant infrastructure that encompasses aesthetic furniture

Live with style and in finesse! With us, you will explore a sophisticated taste in furniture and impressive décor that will keep your mood always up and bright.

In-house Gym

We care for our guest’s fitness just like our own. Find an in-built spacious and well-managed gym for your good health and uplifted self-esteem!

Strong Surveillance System

A family shares a strong bond of protectiveness, care and love. So do we, for we believe our guests are our strength and make for a good big family whom we cherish! Our security systems are technology driven that does not leave any space for errors or a compromise in our family’s security.

“No mess no stress” Housekeeping!

We care for your health and own a strict housekeeping routine that is followed by everyday error free for your easiness and health. Stay miles away from “An unhygienic atmosphere”!

Parking facilities

Two wheels or four wheels, we have spacious parking system for all our residents well-designed to offer hassle-free and secure functioning.

24-hour Power Backup

Work, study or watch a movie without any electrical disturbances. We are upholding a 24-hour power backup to ensure zero disturbances in our members’ living.

Exclusive Coffee Machine

Enjoy hot coffee whenever you want, for refreshing your morning or whenever you feel dull. We are providing a Coffee machine for each room distinctly. #coffeelovers

Bon Appetite!

Meals are prepared using the fresh vegetables and ingredients by expert chefs in a hygienic environment. We strictly do not compromise with health and taste! Get breakfast and Dinner on weekdays and a three meal course on a Sunday!

We have much more for you to experience in our offered urban accommodation. For the reasons might not be enough to count, for it's about home rather just a place for living!


A “GooodStay” to you!

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