Work, Celebrate, and Rest!
That’s how one’s phenomenal job should be like.

Join heartily a “fun-work-peace” loving community of the terrific squad working with an intense zeal of cheerful confidence and motivation at one of the fastest booming organization across India!

A brief summary of how we have evolved organically!

We at GooodStay believe in establishing collectively a fine work environment that process ethical policies and significant values to energetically promote each of our member’s growth and skills parallelly!

It’s been invariably 9 successful years of productive and competitive experience in the hospitality industry that has made us grow abundantly into a grand name recognized nationwide. Our experienced management team of IIM and tech experts are making living for our clients easier wherever they go to India either for employment or for their education.

A "client" is more than just a practical term; we prefer attending to them like our family.Now you intimately know our success mantra!

Our Core values:
  • We follow Honesty as the best Policy!
  • Empowering individuals, empowering self.
  • Fairness assists us to trust, equality and optimism.
  • Discipline and balance go simultaneously.
  • Treating everyone with profound respect and moral dignity.
  • Delivering what is promised faithfully.
  • Surpassing expectations.
  • Belief in accountability, that makes us reliable and responsible.
  • Self-improvement, arduous work, persistence.
  • Continuous improvement to resolutely keep serving our clients better.
  • Promoting communication as an integral, idealistic, realistic, and essential part of functioning.

Innovation, Creativity, Risk-taking and Self-Driven exist in our company’s values and policies to the deepest!

Get surrounded by an Olympic team of cool, smart and ambitious work members and grow along.

Come join us!



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