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Leasing is a smart move for any business to optimize its costs on house rent and maintenance services. How does leasing work?

Choose the PG and Personal Suite as per your company needs. Gooodstay will accommodate PGs and Personal Suite for your company, your employees and their families for the number of years required. And through the lifecycle takes care of it, from Living to organic Food, Housekeeping to Gymnasium and transport assistance. So you get the House Accommodation without any hassle of owning and managing it.

At the end of the tenure, you will simply stay fit healthy and happy. All this, for just a fixed monthly payout!


Why Should Companies
Adopt CLA By
1. We have a strong grid of professional accommodation set-up built near companies for their employees.

2. We offer transportation to & fro office to home as required by the clients.

3. We maintain a strict hygiene policy with regular housekeeping.

4. Safety always stays our priority, thereby; our foundations are severally equipped with a strong digitalized security system, and 24X7 house guards.

5. No-admittance of visitors or outsiders allowed inside the premises.

6. Superfast broadband.

7. Establishments are designed and built by professional Architects & Designers taking into consideration the modern decor & comfort demands.

8. Our accommodations are fully furnished with significant furniture and living essentials like Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, RO, and Room Heaters etc.

9. Professional checks are made to ensure food quality & freshness is always up to the mark.

10. Attachments of digitally automated equipment are used to enhance standard & ease of living.

11. A specially designed mobile application & a website offers the option for complaints of maintenance, housekeeping, repair, food etc., feedbacks, payment options, and group chat among others.

12. Solutions for complaints & certain requirements are derived in real time and with proper procedures to keep the user well-informed about the on-going working process. In-built parking space, gym and corporate meeting halls to avoid employees rushing to the office for those urgent weekend meetings.

Who we are
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Gooodstay we manage the entire life cycle of our properties, handling everything from Building, Maintenance, Housekeeping, Security, Safety and Customer Satisfaction.

With over 10 years’ experience, we’re a trusted partner for our corporate and SME clients. Whether you need a single accommodation or an entire home or building, our mission is to provide ‘any accommodation, anytime, anywhere’ – so you can focus on what's next.


So whether you need one PG & Personal Suite or a few hundred, can help achieve significant cost savings, reduce administrative hassles and increase productivity.

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Leasing makes
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At gooodstay, we see things a little differently -

PGs are not just means of living but also impact your living style and health; an essential tool that empowers your staff and enables them to make a real contribution to your business.

Here is a movie to help you better understand how GOOODSTAY can benefits you and your company. It showcases why more and more people today are choosing to trust our services when acquiring a rental accommodation. If you are a business-owner who requires rental accommodation for your staff and co-worker and are looking for a smart plan which will allow you to enjoy tax benefits and not have to worry about Brokerage, Food, WIFI, Transportation, Security Deposit, Gymnasium, and Security GOOODSTAY is the one-stop solution for you.

By opting to lease, you can direct the money saved toward growing your business or rent a bigger, better Rental accommodation for less! Open the door to a whole new world of benefits, convenience and excitement.


Gooodstay provides seamless services to its customers and manages the entire House Lease Accommodation value chain through its network of agile partners.

We also work with channel partners that include, direct sales agents and other synergistic organizations to increase the leasing footprint in India.

Our partners are a keystone of our business and play an important role in providing excellent customer experience and making it easier to Gooodstay

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