Celebrating the most flourishing Lohri in GooodStay!


The splendor and pleasant warmth of Lohri were also made energetic as the lovely residents of our home started freely jiving and dancing rhythmically on the inspired songs of Sharukh’s Veer Zara movie, “O aagai Lohri ve, ahaa! bnalo jodi ve” and trying performing “gidda” in a huge circle moving around the bonfire! 

Lohri is considerably a festival in Sikhism enthusiastically celebrated on every year’s 13th of January. The carnival boasts a lengthy history and compelling fascination of the liveliest kind as the festival of bountiful harvest. As a day on which the farmers present their humble gratitude to the divine in the sweetest, or to say it more thoroughly “ghazak and rewari” manner! 

The sight of the countryside in India on this fortunate day remains none less than a dream carrying the unique combination of utmost simplicity and pure beauty. The farmers celebrating the occasion in an enormous group with a big bonfire and all the sweets including ghazak, rewari (sweet made with sesame seeds and jaggery), phulia (popcorn), and peanuts served in the broad bowls accompanying the nerve-wracking traditional songs and folk dances. 

All for the celebration of their sufficient year’s extensive work. The farms that sowed and ploughed primarily the crops of Rabi, Sugarcane and other veggies in the fiery heat with no shelter to cover their bare skin dripping consistently with salty sweat, are finally ready to be harvested, also, marking the start of the new financial year for their living.

The poetic beauty of lush green farms of rabi crops shining dazzlingly like pearls while the golden rays of the sun fall on them as in feeding with the maternal warmth and nutrition. Feels like the sun itself is blessing the farmer’s strenuous work and his farmsteads with prosperity and happiness. If the acclaimed writer and poet, William Wordsworth of the Romantics era in English literature would have perceived this, he must have written another “Prelude” dedicating to this earthly heaven of our nation!

The tradition of offering the famous eatables or “Lohri” in the fire as prasad while circumambulating the fire is considered as a sign of respect and reverence. 

After inviting the blessings of the holy, for their prosperity and health, the show becomes youthful, extremely joyful, full of vigour and enthusiasm as people dance and swirls in the traditionally-rich Punjabi folklore. The sight offers incredibly embellishing, bright, colorful, cheerful, and sacred view, to be succinct.

The festival is not limited to Punjab but has its own flavorful popularity and unique ways of celebration in many other states like Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. What's more, in Tamil Nadu, the cultural festival is known as Pongal, while in Assam, it’s called Bihu- noted for its namesake dance. 
After getting done with the precious meaning and information about the prestige Lohri, let’s get back to where we started from. Indeed, the Sharukh’s song on which the residents of GooodStay were joyfully dancing with much energy and life on the fragrant night of Lohri and enjoying the delightful and savoury sweets!

Celebrating the festival of divine glory with every member of our modern facility had never been so special. Although that’s how we gather and celebrate each and every festival of the entire religions, yet Lohri’s bonfire and lots of ghazak have its own charm in an arctic night of January. All the necessary arrangements were made, as the John kaka and other bhaiya log started gathering the wooden stuff for sacred fire from the starting of the week itself. 

Also, all our residents joined in for providing some valuable real-life tips for the other part of arrangements like what food should be cooked, how the decoration must be like, what time to get it started so that each and every one is present, etc.

We accommodate a colourful group of members in our resident’s list with a distinct array of pleasant shades. As many were extremely excited and occupied in their choice of traditional wears, others were mainly focused on the gourmet delicacies and sweets to be prepared. Nevertheless, the eager excitement was equally growing “full-on” for each one of them! 

So what, if it’s the unfamiliar city, the love and warmth of our whole nation consisting of diverse ethnic members unite us equally in a unique bond!

We may not have the real-life farms at GooodStay or may not know how to accurately groove on the “heartfelt folk song” moves. Yet, the togetherness and homely affection and care we strive to provide our guests with, doesn't makes us less special. Most importantly, it’s all about the celebration of humanity and love, and we do our best to amply provide our residents with the precious feeling of unity, strength, harmony, and “brother-sister-hood”! 

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