Urban accommodation making lives easier for the modern age aspirers!


With the fast-moving lives, conversion of a classic into a designer and modern taste, usage of the ultra-fast network, traveling days and nights for work and fun, and what not; one more thing is following pace in its appeal and convenience, that is Urban Accommodation.

We are living in an era of tough competency. A substantial number of people everyday migrates as they leave their home to determine better education and/or more scopes in the career. The movement takes in enormous emotions in itself. Leaving one’s mother place to move to a completely diverse and unfamiliar city is such a difficult and surviving task that has become very significant today.  Earlier too such movements did happen, however, it involved much fewer struggles especially in deciding a new place to live in. For the time wasn’t that empowered, nor the competition was a threat. Moreover, the economy was nothing like the hard stone one is carrying on their shoulders today restricting themselves to a limited budget. Furthermore, the large movement was taking place mostly by males of our population.  The idea of a woman living alone in an unknown city was hard to sip down the throat by everyone. 

Today, we find a more progressive movement where both genders equally at the most point are capable to start their fresh lives however they like to. For the change is gradual, our industry still has a long way to go to make our youth’s struggles easier, especially as in the hassles they now and then face find in the absence of a comfortable living in the new city. 

Nevertheless, the trend of social media in today's date, like the routine use of Instagram and addiction to Facebook has been offering an increased expectation for a better and more urbanized style when it comes to living in the futuristic city! The iconic photographs we find everywhere depicting urban lifestyles in the most astonishing way are making the original seem little too less boring. 
Here, is when you can rely upon a sufficient, inspired from technology’s priceless assets, and youthfully designed an Urban aka authentic accommodation! 

Enter GooodStay! 

To start by counting the pros, let me first introduce you to its one and only flaw, that is living far away from family! And this is where we “GooodStay” steps in! To take away the pain and replace it with a secure atmosphere of convenience, safety, most impressive facilities, and care. In short, we are seeking our best to not allow your longing of home impact your life in a city. We understand a home cannot be replaced with anything, no matter how much we put, the taste of mother’s food and the sunshine that falls in your home in comparison to the new place will always be warmer. 

But what we do not agree at, is not to try. We strive hard to represent our best. For when we say, to provide you with a “home-like atmosphere”, we definitely convey it!

With big dreams in eyes and zeal to be the finest, we are offering the ideal accommodation facilities for our students or working professionals who are nonetheless, dreamy, struggling and ambitious. 

Forget the office to home and vice versa travel expenditure disturbing your monthly budget, for we are ensuring that our guests find excellent living matching to the best Urban standards nearby to their workplace or institution. You can discover us closest to your establishment anytime anywhere! We are suiting to your specific needs be it for a convenient distance from your office or academic institute or for your well-facilitated stay in our homely environment. Efficiently find from the best speed Wi-Fi to an exclusive coffee machine, from a thoughtful furnishing to the loveliest meals and much more, you can all expect at GooodStay. 

Experience the care and love, not in words but in reality, explore us!

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23 Jan 2019

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